The Tempest Air Purifier Naturalizer Plus

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Organic Energy Air Purification Technology

The Tempest is the Ultimate Extra Strength Organic Air Restore Energy Technology on the market:  The stylish design update includes the high-gloss white cover. The Tempest is ideally suited for areas of dense pollution and odors.

The units are all corded with the USB connection for maximum flexibility and use.

Only $150 Each = Buy 3 and you get 1 FREE!

Products carry a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Organic Air

Organic air is truly a fresh breath.  
Go outside in a rural area and breathe deep: You’ll get a healthy dose of much needed organic air.

How does the air outside stay organic?  In today’s world, there are increased concerns for air pollutants from car emissions, chemicals from factories, dust, pollen and mold spores and more.  These pollutants are filling the outdoor air 24/7.  So how does the air outdoors stay so fresh?

Mother Nature has an impeccable process that utilizes the sun and wind to keep the air fresh.  The sun and wind add energized elements to the air.  The elements actively attach to and break down pollutants in the air by altering them, restoring the air to a much cleaner state.

Organic energized air is achieved without the assistance of any artificial chemicals.  Air isn’t healthy unless it’s fresh, and air isn’t fresh unless it’s organic and energized!

Clean air is important for so many reasons! The ones that affect you most depend on your lifestyle and personal needs. For example, if you have a specific health concern or are the parent of a young child, it is incredibly important to be breathing fresh organic air. Perhaps you’re a Realtor looking to sell more homes, or you work in the pet industry and need odor control. No matter who you are, at the very least, everyone deserves to breathe clean, healthy air!

Everyone deserves to have a system that is proactively attacking germs, bacteria, pet dander, viruses, dust, mold, and more, without harmful chemicals or perfumes.  AirRestore Air Naturalizers are the ultimate solution you’ve been looking for!

DID YOU KNOW:  Americans spend approximately 90% of their lives indoors, where the air can be the dirtiest air we breathe.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that, on average, indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air.

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