Fresh Air Buddy Purifier

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Personal air purifier with charger and battery!

Super-compact personal air purifier that will always keep you refreshed. Forget about air pollutants and unpleasant airborne particles. Neither pollen, nor dust or smoke will interfere with the air you breath, thus with your health. Fresh Air Buddy is the best option for mobile individuals, who are always on the run, visiting many different places daily. Going to your local shopping center? Driving to your favorite cinema? Chilling in a lounge bar or just sitting at home with friends? Does not matter, because minimalistic Fresh Air Buddy won’t burden you! Just grab it and push a button to get your individual portion of fresher and safer air.

Personal Breathing Zone – Number One Priority

Not a secret that the air around us is teeming with different contaminants that we breathe in. The Fresh Air Buddy features a miniature built-in ionizer that produces negative ions to capture free-roaming heavy particles, thus leaving the space nearby free of allergens and pollutants. Negatively charged ions add their charges to any heavy particles encountered on the way, causing these newly formed grains to repel each other. In this seamless motion charged particles with every second move further and further out of your breathing zone, ultimately subsiding on nearby surfaces. Just imagine being in a crystal clean dome covering your body from top to toe – that is what The FreshAir Buddy gives you. Even in crowded or open-aired places this miniature air purifier substantially reduces unpleasant irritators like allergens, smoke, dust, and pollen. It is a lightweight, simple and powerful tool for using on a daily basis.

Advantages of Fresh Air Buddy:

  • Immediately creates a free of airborne pollutants and allergens zone around user’s body – makes life much easier for people suffering asthma and allergy symptoms, passively improves your health conditions.
  • Refreshes the air around at will and also removes foul odors.

An Individual Air Purifier

We have enhanced our best technologies to fit in this tidy little plastic case to create a portable unit that will make your life easier, cleaner and healthier. Use it every time you go shopping, working or visiting people you know!
  • Even microscopic particles will be pushed out of your breathing zone by negatively charged ions, produced by the FreshAir Buddy. This procedure concludes in lowering the level of allergens and detrimental airborne pollutants.
  • The unit features a convenient On/Off switch for better battery management.
  • Completely all-sufficient, so you won’t need any additional fans or filters. No maintenance required either.
  • The FreshAir Buddy is extremely lightweight, easy to use, comes with rechargeable battery and charger.
  • A special neck strap allows hanging the FreshAir Buddy on a collar for easy transportation. 
Ozone: Max 03.028ppm
Technology: Needlepoint ionization
Power Usage: 3.7 Volts DC
Size: 2.5 in. wide x 1.5 in. high x .85 in. deep
Weight: 1.5 oz