Biggest Tax Deductions in America CD

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Use This Powerful Cold-Market CD and
Watch Your Recruiting and Closing Rates SOAR!

This CD gives the listener examples of specific tax deductions available only to home-business owners. 
Deductions such as home-office deductions, business use of their personal vehicles, employing their kids, deducting 100% of out-of-pocket health costs, and turning vacations into business trips. 

It tells them they can pay thousands less in taxes,


The very short CD concludes with these words:

"These huge tax deductions are available ONLY to people who are running a home-based business,

so your next step should be to get back with the person who gave you this CD."

"Here, Listen to This…"

That's all you need to say to easily hook the interest of even the coldest lead with this CD! 

                   Step-by-step, here’s one way to use it...

                  Start by asking, 
                      “Do you have a CD player in your car?” 
                        (Almost everyone will say yes.)
                 Then say these words: 
                     “Great! Take 6 minutes and listen to this. 
                     It could save you a LOT of money in taxes.” 
                 Then, leave them with these words: 
                     “Let me know what you think.”                
The short “sizzle” message leaves them with these words: 
“For more information about getting into a home-based business so that YOU can qualify

for these huge, special tax deductions, get back with the person who handed you this CD.
YOUR OWN deductions kick in on the very day you begin your business - but not a day sooner!"
Use Uncle Sam to hook the interest of your prospect,
but YOU don’t need to say a word about taxes!
THAT’s duplicatable!?

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